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R&D Tax Credit Specialists

Why Amplifi Solutions?

We are R&D tax credit specialists, R&D is all we do. This means our trustworthy team of experts have an extensive knowledge in all things R&D, across all sectors. As a result, we have helped our clients receive hundreds of thousands to millions of R&D relief from HMRC.

How We Can Help

Small businesses to large corporations can benefit from our personal and face-to-face R&D tax credit service. We will guide you through the entire process and do all the hard work for you, enabling you to concentrate on your next innovation.

What Makes Us Different?

Our clients are passionate about their innovations, and we’re passionate about keeping them innovating with assistance from HMRC’s R&D tax credits. Therefore as R&D tax credit specialists who value of face-to-face communications we offer:

  • Northern Ireland, GB and Ireland tax credit coverage
  • Partner level face-to-face engagement
  • Expert R&D Accountants, Analysts and Technical Writers
  • Regular claim status updates
  • Ongoing support and guidance, and a follow-up post claim advice pack
  • Full audit trails back to the nominal ledger, which ensures any possible HMRC inquiry will be met with a credible defense and quickly diffused.

How We Work

As R&D tax credit specialists, we handle the majority of your claim so you can concentrate on your next innovation.

On the top level, we analyse your accounts and write a technical case study, on a deeper level we aim to understand your business and its goals to ensure we reveal all the eligible innovations you have completed, are currently undertaking and are planning, so you receive all the R&D relief you deserve from the HMRC.

Our Managing Partners will learn about your business and uncover all your qualifying R&D activity in our face-to-face exploratory meeting.

Working together with your team:

  • Our R&D Analysts discover all your R&D costs and produce a full report
  • Our Technical Leads will create the supporting case studies for your claim
  • We will present a summary of your claim and the estimated R&D relief you will receive
  • We will answer any final queries you may have

We’ll work with your Accountant to submit your claim.

Typically, 28 days from submission you will receive your R&D relief from HMRC. Only after you have successfully received your R&D benefit will we invoice you for our work.

R&D Claims From Your Sector

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If you are looking for R&D tax credit specialists to help with your Northern Ireland, GB or Ireland innovations, contact us for a free exploratory meeting.