Partnering with Amplifi

Our entrepreneurial tax incentive service delivers a transparent, expert and proven R&D tax credit, Patent Box and Land Remediation service to both our partners and their clients.

We aim to complement our VC and accounting partners, while helping to support their clients’ growth.

Expert Team

  • Qualified Chartered Accountants
  • Dedicated Data Analysts
  • Experienced technical writers in the fields of engineering, manufacturing, software and more
  • Secure client portal for daily claim updates

Partnership Benefits

Accountant Partnerships

Complementary Service

Our team includes both qualified financial and management accountants who assess every claim.

We complete comprehensive data analysis and technical reports on all our claims, which we will fully defend against any potential HMRC audit.

Our secure client portal delivers daily updates on the progress of each aspect of a client’s claim. While we deliver a detailed cost analysis breakdown to clients in a wrap-up meeting and in the claim report.

We believe in getting our clients the relief they deserve, but we will not submit claims that would enhance the risk of our clients getting audited by the HMRC.

We do the in-depth data analysis and expert technical writing, then our accountant partners submit the claim, so they always maintain control of the tax agency (64-8).

Venture Capital Partnerships

Supporting Clients Growth

Due to the comprehensive nature of our process, our quantum of claim value will capture all relevant costs, ensuring that any cash credit for the business will be optimised and therefore providing additional cash flow to the business.

Higher levels of R&D output are a great way to boost valuations in your portfolio.

Amplifi can demonstrate an excellent working relationship with equity backed businesses from their early stage to the point of being exit ready.

Our team are uniquely integrated within the start-up and scale-up ecosystem across the UK. From supporting local incubators to collaborations with tech trade bodies, we know what it takes to get it right under the challenges that high growth enterprises go through.

What Some of Our Partners Say


“We are delighted to work with Amplifi Solutions and they have provided a tremendous services for our clients in identifying and preparing claims for R&D Tax Credits. It is great to see companies receive encouragement for being innovative in their work and Amplifi were instrumental in helping our clients with that.”

Derek Napier, Partner


“Amplifi have been fantastic at coordinating R&D Tax claims for our clients. They’re always quick to respond to any enquiry and then keep us fully up to date throughout the claim process. It has not only given Breadalbane an additional source of income but has helped us build supplementary currency with our clients.”

Jonny Cosgrove, Director


“We are a proactive Tax and Accountancy practice and ensure our clients get the best tax advice available. For that reason we partnered with Amplifi to ensure our clients received best of breed advice on R&D Tax Credits. Chris and the team are always prompt and helpful and ensure all claims are made on time and maximised. It is good to have a local firm dealing with the R&D Tax Credit claims on behalf of our clients. We have found their approach to be both honest and professional and have no hesitation in recommending them to all our clients.”

Tommy Strain, Charactered Accountant

Maven Capital Partners

“At a time when businesses are being tested by a number of external factors, it has never been more important for them to continue to innovate. A number of Maven investee businesses conduct high levels of ongoing R&D as part of their day to day operations and it is encouraging that they are able to get support for this important investment by making use of the R&D tax credit incentive. The Amplifi process has been very efficient and has generated some excellent results for some of our portfolio companies over the last year.”

Alan Robertson, Investment Director