Manufacturing R&D Claim

Manufacturing R&D Claim Example

A high-quality bespoke furniture and upholstery maker.

Development of a range of real-world furniture samples that meet the briefs of large potential contracts.

Advance in Science or Technology
To develop sample furniture ranges the company had to:

  • Design new furniture structure and panel techniques
  • Incorporate different materials like stone, glass and metal into designs
  • Design and test different finishes, stitching patterns, studs and manufacturing techniques

In this manufacturing R&D claim, the company had to investigate the following aspects of every client brief:

  • Should they use wood or steel in the structures?
  • Should the upholstery be stitched, folded or pulled-in using buttons or studs?
  • What paint, stain or varnish would create the desired finish effect?
  • Would they need to develop unique tools to create the samples?
  • Could all components be sourced or created in-house?

Total Business Benefit
£35K Corporation Tax rate reduction.

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