ICT R&D Claim

ICT R&D Claim Example

We use a web and app development company in this ICT R&D claim example.

The development of an e-commerce voucher processing system for retail outlets that would replace the ad-hoc paper-based models.

Advance in Science or Technology
To create an e-commerce voucher system the company had to:

  • Provide a voucher database to store all transaction information
  • Develop a plugin for retailers’ websites
  • Sync online, retail and telephone sales
  • Integrate with retailers’ current payment platforms

In development the company had to tackle the following uncertainties:

  • How to create a system that would work on EPOS, online systems and telephone sales
  • How to ensure fast in-store transactions
  • How to handle partial redemptions
  • How to process vouchers already in circulation

Total Business Benefit
They recovered 103.8% of their Corporation Tax rate.

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