Engineering R&D Claim

Engineering R&D Claim Example

This engineering R&D claim example focuses on a commercial and residential vacuum solutions company.

Development of a bespoke dust extraction solution that would help control explosive dust particles within a mill.

Advance in Science or Technology
To design the bespoke dust extraction system the company had to:

  • Understand the ATEX (European Directive for controlling explosive atmospheres) standards
  • Use ATEX approved switches to reduce the ignition risk
  • Fit several air and safety filters to prevent dust particles reaching the ventilation system’s electrical parts, bearings or fans
  • Add an explosion vent on the system
  • Locate the unit outside the building

The company faced the following key uncertainties during development:

  • How to design a ventilation system that would meet ATEX standards?
  • Would the system extract dust from the whole mill?
  • Would the system minimise or eliminate the risk of dust ignition?
  • Could they prevent heat and dust build up in the system?

Total Business Benefit
They received a £30K Corporation Tax Rate reduction.

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