Complementary R&D Tax Credit Service

Accounting for R&D tax credits? Our team’s specialist R&D knowledge could benefit both your practice and clients.

Why Work With Us?

We’re R&D tax credit specialists and we pride ourselves on providing a transparent, expert and welcoming service to both our clients and our partner accountants. Furthermore, we are:

  • Founded and managed by two qualified Management Accountants
  • Offering a complementary, and not a competing service
  • Working with 35+ years’ experience within the technology industry
  • Handling 90% of the R&D claim, so you can free up resources for other tasks
Jeff Drennan and Chris Maylin Accounting For R&D

What Makes Us Different?

We have a trusted reputation with clients, accountants and HMRC because we only submit genuine R&D claims, which have a full audit trail back to the nominal ledger. This ensures any possible HMRC inquiry will be met with a credible defence, resulting in a quick reaction.

Benefitting Your Practice

Together, our experts would strive to extend your practice’s R&D knowledge and client base, thanks to:

  • Specialised R&D tax credit knowledge
  • An added value R&D tax credit service for your clients
  • Free client qualification service
  • Full NDA
  • Tax agency (64-8) remaining with you
  • Payment for your expertise and processing

Benefitting Your Clients

Our expert service ensures your clients will receive all the R&D relief they deserve. Including:

  • An additional tax reduction of up to 24.7p (33p if you are surrendering a loss) for every qualifying R&D pound
  • Ability to claim back up to two financial year’s of R&D spend
  • Time to focus on work, while we handle their entire claim
  • Ongoing support and guidance, and a follow-up post claim advice pack
  • Partner level engagement and expertise
  • Full NDA

Industry R&D Claim Examples

Scaffold's Innovative Software Developments
See.Sense Bicycle Innovation Case Study
Food and Drink R&D Claim
Professional Services R&D Claim
ICT R&D Claim
Manufacturing R&D Claim
Engineering R&D Claim

Whether you are based in Northern Ireland, Ireland or GB, you can start accounting for R&D tax credits with our expert help.